Business Re-engineering

Change is easy. Change that produces dramatic performance improvements is much more difficult. We believe that business change requires a clear case for dramatic performance improvements. Most business performance programmes fail to deliver sustainable value creation. Indeed, most business mergers, acquisitions and divestments fail to deliver value creation – and many have been proven to destroy value.

At a time when economies, industries and institutions are all desperately searching for value opportunities, it is critical that change programmes are designed and mobilised effectively. Our approach is based on four key elements:

  • Alignment with a clear business strategy
  • Clearly understood risk appetite and regulatory conformance
  • Strong engineering-based organizational and operating model definition
  • Implementation of smart processes, technologies, control measures and synergistic partner models – with core business at the heart of the design process.
We also believe that it is essential to take the full business life-cycle into account, that there needs to be a clear leadership team in place, and that the effects of any changes is directly measurable from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

We are confident that our experience will ensure that your change programme is successful.
New Media Launch
NI instructed to develop new brand in the media industry.
Posted on Oct 07, 2013
Merger & Acquisitions
NI supports M&A activity by assessment of the efficacy of the full TOM.
Posted on Oct 07, 2013
Intelligent Modelling
Christie featured in intelligent modelling analytics for the RiskUniverse publication.
Posted on Oct 01, 2013