Performance Improvement

Performance improvement starts with asking the right questions. Too often firms set themselves a performance target that is unclear, unachievable, is cost driven, and does not reflect the strategic opportunities for the business.

Driving performance requires understanding the strategic objectives of the business, the associated strategic business plan and risk appetite, the landscape that the business is operating in, the underlying business operating model, key performance measures, the potential ‘levers ‘for change, alignment with talent, and the implementation strategies for the business
improvement programme. It requires innovation, ambition and organisational strength.

There should be a range of options assessed before a final decision is selected, but once assessed, a single and clear business improvement programme must be committed and communicated across the business. Sustainable performance improvement requires cultural change which in turn requires clear alignment of operational objectives across all functions of the business.

Our approach is based on ensuring:
  • A drive for efficiency – removing redundancy, the use of smart techniques and technologies, effective information management, and the design of flexibility within business operating models
  • Strong and clear leadership – supporting management through fact-based analytical tools and alignment to the enterprise objectives (through our ED™ and EVD™ methodologies)
  • Clear metrics and benchmarks where appropriate – aligned to the appropriate maturity metrics
  • Responsible focus on sustainable and long-term value creation for the business – and not driven by short-term, highly volatile performance measures.
In short, if we can’t identify where the value will be created, we will not undertake the assignment. We deliver results, not process.
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