Technology Solutions

We believe that technology is critical to building competitive advantage. Cloud, big data, concurrent processing, semantic web are just some of the recent tools that have differentiated the market leaders from the rest.

But we believe that the tools are not the answer, just part of a potential solution. Effective implementation of the right tools for the right applications are what sets the highest performers from the rest. Our pedigree is in the design and implementation of smart technology applications to create value.

We are specialists in:
  • Technology Solutions – including all aspects of designing and implementing application, infrastructure, information and data architectures.
  • Data and information management – including managing the variety, volume, velocity and volatility of large data environments. Recent trends call this big data but we have been solving big data problems for over 25 years.
  • Vendor selection and implementation. Whilst we have strong technical awareness and experience of leading technology providers, we are vendor agnostic. So whether it is SAP or SAS, Oracle or Openpages, we can help.
  • Bespoke solutions.
We have developed a number of proprietary,expert technology solutions including analytical engines, reporting solutions, asset optimization algorithms, data avatars, suspicious and fraudulent warning indicators, regulatory semantic engines, GIS analytics, and risk management engines.

Our technology skills include leading edge data environments (including Hadoop, MYSQL, SQL*Server), SAS, R, Matlab, C (and variants), Advizor, SiSense, Pascal, COBOL, LISP, Mathematica, and have been responsible for implementing major technology brands (including SAP, Algorithmics, Oracle, MiSYS, and SunGard technologies).
New Media Launch
NI instructed to develop new brand in the media industry.
Posted on Oct 07, 2013
Merger & Acquisitions
NI supports M&A activity by assessment of the efficacy of the full TOM.
Posted on Oct 07, 2013
Intelligent Modelling
Christie featured in intelligent modelling analytics for the RiskUniverse publication.
Posted on Oct 01, 2013