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Sustainable business change requires cultural change. It requires the ability to think broader, to be bolder, and to be more analytical in designing the roadmap associated with the change. It also requires a clear definition on what the business objectives are, how value will be measured, how risks will be managed, how changes along the way will be addressed, and how to ensure organizational alignment.

In short, it requires a clarity of purpose, a realistic implementation strategy, a directly measurable business case, and a team fully committed to its' success. We are there to support you at all stages of this journey.

Our services are directed at providing solutions to complex problems in four main disciplines: enterprise improvement, risk management, business restructuring, and information management.

We achieve this through the combination of highly experienced professionals and specialist expertise in business strategy, business re-engineering, optimising performance across the business, risk management and technology. At the core of our solutions are facts, deep analysis and proven best practices.

And while we know your problem is complex, our approach is simple:
  • We only bring experienced industry professionals to your problem – armed with insights, leading techniques and tools, and the passion to help you succeed
  • We are results driven, innovative and fully committed to align our compensation structure to the results that we generate
  • We operate as partners to your business – and can operate either as consultants to a programme or interims to your business
  • We will only take an assignment if there is a clear and financially supported business case for you
  • We operate to ensure alignment with the board's strategic objectives and the operational detail of the business problem being solved.
New Media Launch
NI instructed to develop new brand in the media industry.
Posted on Oct 07, 2013
Merger & Acquisitions
NI supports M&A activity by assessment of the efficacy of the full TOM.
Posted on Oct 07, 2013
Intelligent Modelling
Christie featured in intelligent modelling analytics for the RiskUniverse publication.
Posted on Oct 01, 2013